1964 – New men and women auditors

News and Notes from All Parts 

The First Woman Auditor

On Sunday Mlle. Marie Louise Monet was named by Pope Paul as the first woman Council auditor. She is the sister of M. Jean Monet, and is the first woman president of Independent Catholic Action, an international middle class movement with members of both sexes which is the latest international movement to be approved by Rome (it was approved in October 1963).

New Men and Women Auditors

The names of twenty-three new auditors were announced on Wednesday morning. Among the eight men named were the presidents of international Catholic organisations, including Prof. Gedda and Mr. Patrick Keegan, international president of the YCW. Among the women auditors named there were eight nuns and seven laywomen. The nuns include the superior general of the Sacred Heart Congregation, Mother Sabine de V.alon, because she is president of the Union of General Superiors, and this has been the principle: not to discriminate between orders, but to take people who hold some international and representative office. Among the nuns there is one Englishspeaking one: Mother Mary Luke, superior general of the Congregation of St. Joseph of Mount Cannel, and president of the Conference of Superiors of Women’s Institutes. Among the seven laywomen, there is Miss Rosemary Goldie of Australia, secretary of COPECIAL.


The Tablet, 26 September 1964