1967 – Two new post-conciliar bodies

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Two New Postconciliar Bodies 

On Tuesday the Pope issued a motu proprio setting up two long-awaited post-conciliar bodies, the council of the laity (Consilium de laicis is the Latin title) and the pontifical commission for international social justice and development. The lay council will be charged not merely with promoting the lay apostolate generally but also with encouraging studies for the further doctrinal clarification of questions involving the laity. By a nice touch, the usual positions are reversed, and it is the laypeople who are the full members of this council, with bishops acting as their consultors. Its setting up also marks the entry into the Vatican corridors of power not merely of laypeople but of women. The commission for international social justice and development will have the aim of educating Catholics to their responsibilities in this field as well as acting as an international clearing house for information on what can and ought to be achieved.

Both bodies will have as president Cardinal Roy, Archbishop of Quebec, and as vice-president Archbishop Castelli, former secretary of the Italian bishops’ conference. The lay council will have as its secretary a lone cleric, Mgr. Achille Glorieux, assisted by two vice-secretaries, M. Mieczyslaw de Habicht (Poland) and Miss Rosemary Goldie (Australia). The names of the members are given by BUP as follows: Joseph Amikhia (Ivory Coast); Vittorio Bachelet (Italy); Marguerite Fievez (Belgium); Alain Gelichon (France); Manero Icaza Alvarez (Mexico); Patrick Keegan (Great Britain); Joachim Ruiz Jimenez (Spain); Rienzie Rupasinghe (Ceylon); Juan Vasquez (Argentina); Maria Vendrik (Netherlands); Martin Work (USA); and Karl zu Loewenstein (Germany). Among the consultors are: Bishop Guano of Leghorn, Italy; Bishop Laszle of Eisenstadt, Austria; Bishop McGrath of Santiago de Veraguas, Panama; Bishop Menager of Meaux, France; Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth; Archbishop Zoa of Yaounde, Cameroon; Fr. Wilhelm Mohler, S.C.A., superior of the Pallottine Fathers; Maria del Pilar Bellosilla (Spain); Luigi Gedda (Italy); Jean Larnaud (France); Ramon Sugranyes de Franch (Spain); and Fr. Antonino Kuriakose (India).

The pontifical commission for international social justice and development will have as secretary Mgr. Joseph Gremillion (USA), and its members are: Mgr. Gottfried Dossing (Germany); Mgr. Luigi Ligutt,i, permanent observer of the Holy See at FAO; Mgr. Jean Rodhin (France); Alceu Amoroso Lima (Brazil); Leon de Rosen (France); Marga Klompe (Netherlands); James Norris (USA); John Ryan (India); Johannes Schauff (Germany); Stefan Swiazawski (Poland); Vittorino Veronese (Italy); and Barbara Ward (Lady Jackson) (Great Britain). The consultors to this commission include: Bishop de Araujo Sales, administrator of Sao Salvador da Bahia, Brazil; Archbishop Fernandes of Delhi; Bishop Henriquez Jimenez, auxiliary of Caracas, Venezuela; Bishop Swanstrom, auxiliary of New York; Mgr. G. B. Guzzetti (Italy); Mgr. Pietro Pavan (Italy); Fr. Vincent Cosmao, 0.P. (France); Fr. Gerald Mahon, superior general of the Mill Hill Missionaries; Gerolamo Luigi Bassani (Italy); Gabriel d’Arbussier (Senegal); Orio Giacchi (Italy); and Gabrio Lombardi (Italy).


The Tablet, 14 January 1967