1974 – Synod auditors

Synod presidents

On 5 September, Pope Paul announced names of the three cardinals who will preside in his name at the Synod of Bishops which opens in Rome on 27 September. They are Cardinal Franz Koenig, Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Juan Landazuri, Ricketts, Archbishop of Lima, and Cardinal Paul Zoungrana, Archbishop of Ouagadougou. The synod will be attended by some 200 bishops, including 14 representatives from the Eastern Churches and 144 from national bishops’ conferences. Ten delegates from the Union of Major Superiors, 17 heads of Roman curial departments, and a number of individuals nominated by the Pope will also attend.

Bishop Thomas Holland and Bishop Derek Worlock will represent the hierarchy of England and Wales. Mr Patrick Keegan, secretary of Family and Social Action, will attend as an auditor.


The Tablet, 14 September 1974