1967 – Family and Social Action

Laity Commission Secretary

MR. KEVIN MUIR, who was deputy leader of the England and Wales delegation to the Third World Congress of the Lay Apostolate in Rome in October, has been appointed secretary to the hierarchy’s laity commission. As we reported at the time, the post was advertised towards the end of September (The Tablet, September 30th): about thirty applications were received. Mr. Muir will take up his duties in the New Year.

Mr. Muir, who was born in Middlesbrough forty-three years ago, became a full-time organiser with the Young Christian Workers in 1946, after service in the Royal Navy. He was successively national secretary, treasurer and president of the YCW, and was a member of the YCW international committee from 1951 to 1960. From 1955 to 1957 he was the representative of the International YCW in Englishspeaking Africa, and from 1957 to 1960 regional secretary of the World Assembly of Youth for East, Central and Southern Africa. Since 1960 he has been general secretary of Family and Social Action, a post he is now resigning on his appointment as secretary to the laity commission. He is married, with three children.

Mr. Patrick Keegan—also long connected with the International YCW, and a lay auditor at Vatican II—is succeeding him as general secretary of Family and Social Action.


The Tablet, 16 December 1967